World Leaders Join The Christchurch Call to Stop Extremism On Internet

For the first time, the US connected with leaders of technology companies and governments around the world virtually. The motive was to find better ways to stop the online spread of extremist violence.

French President Emmanuel Macron also attended the meeting. He expressed concern about terrorists using the Internet as a weapon to spread hatred.

Two years ago, a white supremacist live streamed the killing of 51 Muslim on Facebook in New Zealand. Macron said militants are using the Internet as a weapon to spread hatred.

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Macron and New Zealand PM Jecinda Ardern started this global initiative after the deadly attacks in their respective countries. For the first time this year, the United States and four other countries participated in this initiative called ‘Christchurch Call’.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US’s primary priority is to stop the use of Internet by violent extremists. They use it to radicalize people and recruit them into terrorist organizations. This includes technology companies from more than 50 countries, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

Britain Removed More than 300,000 Content 

British PM Boris Johnson said in a video that in Britain alone, they more than three lakh materials from the Internet over the past decade. He called it a tsunami of hatred. Ardern said that since the inception of the initiative, governments and technology companies have collaborated in some cases to mark violent extremist content online.