Women in their 30s Must Include These Things in Their Diet


Very often women do not take proper care of their health. They are so engaged in taking care of their family and kids that they neglect their own health. But, women must take proper care of their health and not be negligent with their diets. Specially after reaching 30s, the body of women requires extra care as it starts getting weak. The bones become weaker, hemoglobin in the blood reduces. And that is why women must include these “super foods” in their diets after reaching their 30s.

Cereals and Pulses
Many women compromise on nutrients that keep their body fit. But this habit can be problematic for you. Women must consume calcium-rich pulses and grains in their diet. On must have soybean, gram in wheat, millet, ragi and pulses in their diet.

Dry fruits
Make foods like cashews, raisins, almonds, pistachios, walnuts a part of your daily routine. These dry fruits do not increase obesity, but the body gets plenty of calcium.

Include milk products
Along with milk, milk-based foods should also be included in your diet. Eating curd, cheese, ghee is beneficial.

Vegetables and fruits
Women must consumer more and more vegetables and fruits in their meals. Green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, coriander supply calcium to body. Fruits like oranges, pineapple, bananas, mulberries, dates also have good calcium levels.


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