Will Ram Mandir bring Ram Rajya in India?


The turn that five-century-long struggle has taken to change the landscape of Lord Ram’s city of Ayodhya carries the potential to move India towards a new direction as well. Although, there are many temples of Ram in Ayodhya. But people waited for the one engraved in their imagination—Temple which colours everyone in Ram’s colour.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Bhumi Pujan for the construction of the temple on August 5. Modi performed all rituals in the grand ceremony. The ceremony was auspicious not just for the people in Ayodhya, but for the entire country. The name of Ram is so broad in itself that it includes the whole universe. The name of Ram stays with a person since the day of his birth till his death. It is a different matter that not all men realise this.

The construction of the Ram Mandir has now started. The forces questioning the existence of Ram are also bowing down to the truth. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s acceptance of the existence of Lord Ram shows that the idea of rejecting Ram has not originated in this world till date. In comparison, political aspirations may force someone to call Ram an imaginary human. But when he encounters the truth, the word Ram comes out of his mouth automatically.

Many people have questioned Modi’s visit to Ayodhya to perform the Bhoomi Pujan. But is it possible for a ruler dedicated to Ram to distance himself from the Mandir? There are no doubts that followers of Ram voted in his name. Finally, the promise made in the name of Ram has been fulfilled.

Religious Places describe their historical significance. The history of Ram Mandir is inscribed in the hearts and minds of every person. Hence, we witness the reverence and attachment with Ram.The image of Ram Nagari that has been imprinted on our minds reflects the fact that Ram was not an ordinary king. His times adorn the metaphor – “Ram Rajya”, it shows that in Ram Rajya, there was peace and prosperity everywhere. No one was big or small. The atmosphere was of equality and mutual harmony.

Each person living in Ram Rajya considered himself lucky. Now, this seems possible only in the imagination of a Ram Rajya poet. However, one’s thoughts have the power to change the times.Prime Minister Modi’s diligence and dedication can undoubtedly create conditions for a significant change in the image of India.

Now with the construction of Ram Mandir, everyone hopes that Ram Raj is achievable in the coming future.The dedication showed by the Modi government to realise the dream of Ram Mandir is commendable. However, we can only hope that the future will bring Ram Rajya for the country.


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