Will Congress Benefit with the Leadership of Sonia Gandhi?

Congress working committee unanimously passed a resolution to hold Sonia Gandhi as party’s interim chairperson. The decision shows that despite some disagreements the party more or less is still in favour of Sonia Gandhi.

However, people are saying that Sonia’s resignation was a mere formality. It was already decided that the resolution will be in her favour. Nothing can be said at this moment about the strategy Congress party will adopt to elect a new President in future. But one thing is sure that Sonia Gandhi is someone with a distinct identity and without whom one cannot imagine Congress.

The role of Rahul Gandhi in Congress party is quite clear to all. Under his leadership, the party contested the last Lok Sabha election, and the growth was minimal. And that is why Rahul could not strengthen his hold on the working committee, despite him being the first choice of members close to him.

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If there was some tension between Kapil Sibal and Ghulam Nabi Azad in the meeting, then it means that many leaders disagree with Rahul’s style of functioning. Although later both Sibal and Azad softened their tone such bitterness towards their leader tells a lot.

Earlier Rahul Gandhi had said that Kapil Sibal and Azad are working in favour of BJP. This matter came up in the meeting but considering the seriousness of the situation both denied that Rahul ever said that. It is difficult to say what the truth is. But it is not a small thing that someone can dare to question the former President within the Congress Party.

In the meeting, many leaders, including former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh insisted for Sonia Gandhi to continue in the office till the election of new President. The situation in which the Congress party finds itself in is a matter of grave concern.

If Gandhi is are not ready to loosen their grip on the party, then it merely means that the family is not concerned with the future of the party. The tragedy of the Congress party is that it has become identical with the Gandhi family. Gandhi’s are the second name of Congress. The fall of the party in such situations is almost inevitable in most cases.

In Punjab, the Akali Dal, which is also known as the Badal Akali dal, is facing a difficult time because of a family dispute. Similarly in UP, Samajwadi Party is also a single family party. The Bahujan Samaj Party is synonymous with Mayawati. Many other parties were narrowed down to a family circle with time.

If the Congress party alters its identity among people, it can undoubtedly establish itself to its former position. Congress leadership must start thinking about their responsibilities to the party as well.

Congress is an opposition party in Lok sabha. Despite the small numbers, it has a massive responsibility in the house. If the opposition is not strong, the government’s rampant attitude cannot be curbed.

No government it would want a strong opposition because it will create challenges for them. Does the Congress party not realise this? People want to see Congress as a strong party. A party that can challenge and change government policies that are not in the country’s interest, regardless of who is the President of the party.