Wife Caught her Husband Red-Handed, what happened next…

MUMBAI: Her husband was driving with another woman became very shocked when she caught him red-handed and then a high voltage drama took place on the road.

A video of this is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It happened Saturday evening on Parade Road, Mumbai. A woman caught her husband driving with his girlfriend. A woman parked her car in the middle of the road. There was a traffic jam on the road. Traffic police personnel arrived on the scene and tried to stop her.  

 In the second car, the wife’s husband was sitting with his girlfriend. The woman stood in front of that car and started screaming. Her husband was horrified and did not open the car door.

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 A person present on the scene said a man was going in a black car with a woman. Then the other woman in a white car stopped him by overtaking the vehicle. After this, the woman created a ruckus on the road. She climbed on the bonnet and hit the front glass of the car with her shoe.

The traffic on that route was completely blocked. When the woman husband got out of the vehicle, she attacked him. After that, she beat up the other woman in the car, too. The police had to intervene as the commotion had been going on for a long time which causes traffic kiosk. A fine was issued against the woman accused of leaving the car in a public place.