Why don’t the leaders of BJP set foot on the land of truth?


No differences that are not possible in politics. The opposition is not about becoming a mortal enemy. Every party has its vision; not everyone agrees on the same plan. Recently, BJP leader Wasim Bari, his father and brother were killed by militants in Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir, causing panic in the area, especially among BJP supporters. The group has warned that anyone who supports the BJP will face the same fate.

The question is, why were three members of the BJP-affiliated family killed? Members and supporters of the Congress and other parties are also present in Kashmir. Why haven’t any of the families been killed? In this context, we believe when a party gets the colour of religion, it deviates from its purpose and becomes the voice of a class.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is today the largest party in the country. BJP government is at the centre, and he also has governments in most of the country’s states. Why a party that is entirely on the map of the country, after all, the target of a class?

India is a secular country; people of different religions are living here. The Constitution gives freedom to all to live their way. If the Constitution is liberal to all, then there is no political party has the right to object to any of the sections.

The terrorist attack against the pro-BJP family in Kashmir It illustrates this protest. During the rule of late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, there was a sense of resentment against a section of the BJP, but it’s not so great that it was met with a bullet.

It is not right or wrong to repeal Article 370 of Kashmir, but the question is whether that decision has changed the minds of the people of Kashmir. The rights of all the states of the country should indeed be the same. No state should be granted special privileges.

What the government of the BJP did may be right, but because it did, It has become a source of opposition to the BJP. If the government of another party had done the same thing, there wouldn’t have been so much opposition.

There are other sections of the country, including the Sikhs, who are unhappy with the neglect of their rights. It’s not just about coming to power. The BJP came to power for the second time in a row. Undoubtedly, its mass base has increased and is likely to increase further. If BJP gives the right place to the sentiments of all sections, the sound of gunfire in Kashmir can be silenced in its ideology.

If LK Advani goes to Pakistan and praises Muhammad Ali Jinnah, that proves that he has respect for Islam in his mind. It’s different that he became embroiled in controversy on his return. A person who is good at manipulating is successful in politics.

Manipulation is about associating others with oneself, not Separate others from oneself. The day that BJP realises the true meaning of manipulation, there will be no attack on any BJP family in Kashmir.


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