WHO Recommends Daily Consumption For Salt – High Intake May Cause Serious Diseases

Crystals of shallow salt in a scoop, spoon on a dark gray table. Background for advertising salt. Table salty. Salted food

Salt is an ingredient that gives food their unique flavour. Foods taste bland without salt. Morepver, one can’t have food without it. Apart from enhancing the food taste, salt has many health benefits. One can ease their sore throat, pain, or swelling with salt. For that, gargle with salt water to get relief. Actually, salt acts as an antiseptic. Moreover, salt helps in fighting infection. People should also gargle with salt water. Salt water gargle can help one to have a clear throat during the COVID-19 crisis. Consuming food without salt seems to be absolutely tasteless. But do we know too much salt can be harmful?

WHO has advised that people should only consume only five grams of salt daily. But, most people eat twice as much salt daily. Further, WHO says that every year three million people die due to eating too much salt.

According to WHO, eating too much salt increases the risk of heart diseases and stroke. A last year WHO report suggests to limit salt intake to five grams daily. Limiting 5gms of salt helps reduce the risk of blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and coronary heart attack in adults.

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However, Many experts believe that consuming more salt would cause kidney stones. It is because, salt increases calcium levels in the urine. The WHO also suggests to reduce the global salt consumption levels. Reducing salt consumption globally can reduce an estimated 2.5 million deaths each year.

One has to be very much careful while consuming more packaged food (chips, etc.). It is because, knowingly or unknowingly we consume a lot of salt through it. Moreover, more salt is harmful for our health. So we should take care and shouldn’t consume more salt than the recommended amount daily.