WHO Map Segregates Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir from the rest of India

On its website, the World Health Organization categorized all the countries of the world with different colours. However, the map of India shows Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir in different colours. This has led to some angry reactions from Indian migrants in Britain. 

As per a media report, the map represents the recently created two Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh in gray colour. However, the rest of India is represented in blue. In addition, the disputed border to Aksai China is demarcated with blue stripes. It appears to be part of China.

This map is on the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 dashboard. The dashboard has information on recent cases of corona. However, the World Health Organization has made it clear that it follows the United Nations guidelines regarding the map.

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IT consultant living in London was the first to notice the map. Someone shared the map in a WhatsApp group. According to him, when he saw this map in which Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir are different from India. He also said that China could be behind it because China provides most funding to the WHO.

IT Consultant Pankaj said that it was surprising that an organization like WHO made such a mistake. I know that China funds the World Health Organization the most. Pakistan takes loans from China and wants this issue to remain active.

Nandini Singh, the social media president of the expatriate group Reach India, has reprimanded the World Health Organization. She said that this map shows that it is a conspiracy of China. Nandini Singh said that instead of thanking India, this is a deliberate act of hurting India.

Nandini Singh told how much India helped the organization during COVID-19 and even after the organization has done such an act.