WhatsApp Postpones Privacy Policy Update Plans


Recently, WhatsApp announced an update in their privacy policy. After that there was a lot of uproar against WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp has now announced that it has postponed its planned privacy update. The company said that they have decided to postpone the privacy update due to misinformation reaching among people.

Earlier, Facebook-owned WhatsApp gave its clarification regarding the new policy. WhatsApp said that the new update will not affect personal chatting with friends and family.

WhatsApp tweeted that users’ chats are completely secure with end-to-end encryption as before. The delay is a major setback for the revenue generating scheme by facilitating commercial exchanges on the WhatsApp messaging app.

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On February 8, WhatsApp wrote in its blog that no one will have to suspend or delete their account. We are going to do a lot to correct the misinformation about how privacy and security works on WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, the signal app has benefited greatly from this controversy. People are downloading the signal app indiscriminately after WhatsApp announced the new privacy policy update.

Signal became the top free app in India by beating WhatsApp on the Apple App Store. Apart from India, it has overtaken WhatsApp in Germany, France, Austria, Finland, Hong Kong and Switzerland. Signal has also managed to make its place in the Top Free app in Google Play Store in Germany and Hungary.

The instant messaging app WhatsApp has been in discussion for some time regarding changes made in the new privacy policy. The new policy states that users will have to share personal data of their WhatsApp account with Facebook. And if users do not accept this privacy policy of WhatsApp, their account will be automatically closed.

Subsequently, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the world’s richest man, tweeted that he uses the Signal app, not WhatsApp. Since then, people are constantly downloading the Signal app. This is the reason that the signal app has left WhatsApp behind.


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