WhatsApp Policy Update: No Change in Data Sharing with Facebook


With the new regulations of WhatsApp going to come into effect from February 8, 2021, there has been a growing controversy. Experts accuse WhatsApp that it is the only app in its category that collects the most data from users, but amid this ruckus and uproar, WhatsApp has said that their new terms of service will not affect the chat privacy terms. WhatsApp has said these things through a press release.

WhatsApp has said in its release, ‘The new update will make shopping and doing business through WhatsApp much easier than before. Most of the people today are using WhatsApp as a business app besides chatting. We have updated our privacy policy to be a secure hosting service for businesses to make it easier for small businesses to reach their customers through WhatsApp. For this, we will also take help of our parent company Facebook.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said that this update will not disturb the privacy of users. The company still commits to the privacy of users. The new update is not going to change the data sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp.

This week, millions of Indian users have received notifications regarding WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and terms of service, which are coming into effect from February 8. These terms said that WhatsApp will share more data with its parent company Facebook than before, which will be used in advertisements.

If a user does not accept the new terms by February 8, their account will be closed. Experts say that this is a direct attack on the privacy of people and WhatsApp is forcing people to obey the conditions. According to the listing on the Apple App Store, WhatsApp already takes 16 kinds of data from its users.


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