What is the Meaning of Trump’s offer on India China Dispute?


Once again, US President Donald Trump has offered to mediate to resolve the deadlock situation between India and China. He said that the situation is terrible in Ladakh and the matter needs to be resolved. However, admirable Trump’s statement may seem, will his mediation solve the problem?

Firstly, India is not ready to seek anyone’s interference in resolving the issue. Earlier India refused Trump’s offer over the Kashmir dispute as well. India has a clear stand, and it can resolve all its problems on its own.

Secondly, everybody is well aware of the tension between China and America. In such a situation, why will China accept Trump’s offer in resolving the dispute? It is quite clear that however, direct Trump’s proposal might be, it is not plausible.

Trump does not want the situation in Ladakh to deteriorate because his interests are also associated with it. Trump is doing everything possible to register his second victory in the presidential election scheduled to happen in the United States in November.

It is natural for him to want to try to gain the support of about 2.5 million Indians living in the United States.He is trying to make use of his closeness with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to win the hearts of Indian voters in the US.

When Trump visited India, he gave an impression of his cordial relations with Modi, and the effect of that was seen on the faces of Indians living in America.Similarly, during his visit to the US, Modi while sharing the stage with Trump gave the impression to the Indians that in Trump’s tenure, there is absolutely no distance between India and America.

Modi even went on to raise the slogan, “Ab ki bar, phir Trump Sarkar”, for which he received severe criticism in India. The opposition even asked if Modi went to the US to campaign for Trump.In the background of these developments, it can be said that although Trump’s offer is reasonable. But his real motive is to attract the Indians living in America.

Whether it succeeds or not is an entirely different matter. But there is no doubt that if Pakistan is anxious due to the closeness between Modi and Trump, then China is also not very happy with it.

Only time will tell to what extent is China willing to take its military activities in the future. Yet in today’s time, only the countries with close and powerful allies can feel fearless. However, that does not mean that the government should not be prepared for protecting its borders.

China acknowledges the tremendous changes that have been bought in India’s military preparedness since the Sino- Indian war of 1962. And this is why they are not able to do significant damage even if they want to.

In such a situation, Trump’s offer is in his interests, is still standing firm with India on China issue.


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