What is Good for You ?


Doctors believe that protein-rich foods are helpful in the treatment of corona. High protein food was provided to save the lives of severe Coronavirus patients. In addition, scientists are using protein to find the vaccines to cure the virus. While protein can be obtained from many types of diets, but most people depend heavily on protein from chicken, eggs and milk.

From chicken, eggs and milk protein, which one does our body need? To answer the question, whose protein is necessary for our body and how much protein is present in it. According to the US Department of Agriculture, from every 100 grams of chicken, we will get 24.11 grams of protein, 143 calories, 2.68 grams of carbohydrates and 3.12 grams of fat. Apart from this, we also get a good amount of calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin A and C in the chicken.

In 100 grams of an egg contains 13 grams of protein, 11 grams of fat, 155 grams of calories, 124 milligrams of sodium and 373 milligrams of cholesterol. Still, eggs contain dietary cholesterol. Increases consume of eggs improve both nutrition and immune systems.

The chicken contains more protein and nutrient than an egg. But this does not mean that the consumption of eggs is not beneficial. According to the study, if we eat two eggs, there is no shortage of protein in the body. In comparison, eggs are cheaper options for protein and nutrients than chicken.


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