We Don’t Know Defeat, They Want to Beat Us

The kinds of statements the BJP leaders of Punjab are making regarding the ongoing farmers’ movement do not match the seriousness of the situation. A senior party leader and former minister, Tikshan Sood has said that the farmers are having a picnic there.

Tikshan Sood should have understood the urgency of situation and the feelings of the farmers before making such a statement. On one hand, the central government claims to want to resolve the issue through dialogue with farmers. On the other hand, responsible BJP leaders are trying to derail the government’s efforts. If BJP leaders are being besieged or opposed by farmers at some places in Punjab, then it is due to such irresponsible statements.

Analyzing the response of the protesters, the act of throwing cow dung at Tikshan Sood’s house cannot be a part of peaceful movement. Although Tikshan Sood has shown his petty thinking by making such false statements, it does not mean that the other side should go down to his level.

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Meanwhile, the negotiations between farmers and the government have reached the final stages. If the government feels that it has achieved great success by complying with the two demands of the farmers. This shows their ignorance.

The real demands are the withdrawal of agricultural laws and the granting of legal status to MSP. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar is optimistic about the January 4 meeting. However, it is a different thing to expect a good result. Some leaders say that the laws cannot be withdrawn, which undoubtedly shows that there is difference in the talks and actions of the government.

If we talk about the passion of the farmers’ movement, the farmers have clarified that it is not a protest like the Shaheen Bagh in Delhi. The government suppressed that by using the fear of Corona. The corona virus is still there. Not only this, now a new form of Corona has entered India from England which spreads very fast. Farmers are bravely fighting this war in the cold of the borders of Delhi.

According to the decision of farmers’ organizations, if the government does not agree to the main demands at the next meeting, the movement will spread across the country. Farmers have announce to organize a tractor rally on 26 January.

The boycott of Ambani, Adani’s petrol pumps, Fortune Group products and “Jio” network will continue in the country. That means the ball is now in the government’s court. The issue can be resolved if the government wants. Else, the farmers have prepared the blueprint for intensifying the agitation.

If we interesting to see the effect of the farmers’ movement on the Haryana Municipal Council and Corporation elections. According to Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, the farmers’ movement has hugely impacted the BJP. The BJP contested the election along with its ally JJP, but only one corporation’s mayor won the election. Overall, the farmers” movement in Haryana made a huge impact on the BJP.

The misinformation that the BJP is trying to spread regarding the movement in some areas is actually the cause of the aggravation of the movement. To question the intentions of peaceful agitators is to invite bad times. Delhi leaders of the ruling BJP say something, while the ones in Punjab say something entirely different. The lack of cohesion between them has complicated the issue of farmers to a great extent.

Hopefully the next conversation will lead to success. If this does not happen, only time will tell how the farmers will continue the movement. But people will surely start questioning the working of the government. If we look at the struggle of the farmers from the point of view of a poet, then these lines of Jigar Muradabadi are apt-

“ye ishq nahīñ āsāñ itnā hī samajh liije

ik aag kā dariyā hai aur Duub ke jaanā hai”