Venomous Snakes Guard This Special Temple In Indonesia

There are many temples around the globe. However, today we will tell you about a special temple. This temple is located in a Muslim Country, Indonesia. 

This special temple is on a big rock on a sea coast. According to experts, the tidal erosion of sea water over the years has formed this rock. The story behind the construction of temple on this rock is equally interesting.

This name of this temple is ‘Tanah Lot Temple’. It is located in Bali, Indonesia. Actually, ‘Tanah Lot’ in the local language means sea land (land in the sea). This temple is one of the seven temples built on the sea coast in Bali. These seven temples have been built as a chain. The specialty of the temples built in this series is that the next temple is clearly visible from each temple.

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However, the rock on which this temple rests began to weaken and fall in 1980. After that the government declared the temple and its surrounding area dangerous.

But the government of Japan helped the Indonesian government to save this rock. During this, they gave a new look to about a third of the rock by covering it with artificial rock.

People believe that a priest named Nirth bulit the Tanah Lot temple in the 15th century. He had reached this place while walking along the beach. He liked the beauty of this place. The priest also stayed here overnight. He had urged the nearby fishermen to build a temple of the sea god at this place. People also worship the Priest Nirartha at this temple.

People believe that venomous and dangerous snakes living under its rock. They protect this temple from evil spirits and evil people. They say that the priest Nirartha had created a huge sea snake with his power. That snake is still there for the security of this temple.