Utensils Bank; An Initiative by Four Environment Savvy Women

Every small step is important to save the environment.These small steps eventually become a big leap. This article is about one such small initiative by four women. We often see people using plastic glasses and plates in wedding functions. These four women decided to make a utensil bank to reduce the use of plastics in functions.

These four women, Ila Midda, Shweta Sharma, Smita Patel and Dr. Madhulika Dixit, are from Bhopal. They came together to make utensil bank. Their aim was to balance the environment. According to them, plastic plates and glasses cause great harm to the environment. They provide utensils at weddings and other social celebrations.

These women have been together for 21 years. They first stopped taking polythene from the market. They make sure to carry a cloth bag with them to buy groceries. Eventually, they took the initiative to make a utensils bank. Their utensil bank has five hundred utensils. Their details are recorded in the register.

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These environmental savvy women made these plans to reduce the use of plastic and plastic waste. Now, they provide these utensils to people for free. However, many people cooperate in this work. And with their help they collect and manage all their utensils.