Utah Woman Unaware of Pregnancy Gave Birth on a Flight to Hawaii

Lavinia Mounga, a Utah woman, was flying from Salt Lake City to Honolulu by plane. During the flight, she got in to labor pain. After that she gave birth to a child on flight. According to the reports, the woman was not even aware that she was pregnant. On Saturday, Lavinia tweeted that she is very happy. ‘Overwhelmed in the best ways,’ she said on Twitter. Earlier in a tweet, Lavinia had expressed her excitement to visit Honolulu.

The story went viral after Julia Hanson, a fellow passenger on the same plane wrote about it on Twitter. She tweeted that a woman has given birth to a child on the plane. In the video, travelers are celebrating and congratulating the woman. Julia said, “For those who are wondering how she could fly in her third trimester, I was sitting with Lavinia’s father. He said they didn’t know she was pregnant.”

Lani Bumfield, a nurse from Kansas City also wrote about the incident in a Facebook post. Lani wrote “If anyone wants to know how our trip to Hawaii was, it started something like this. We helped a woman deliver a baby in the bathroom of the aircraft. We were accompanied by three nurses, an assistant physician and a general doctor.The baby was born three hours before the plane’s landing. Lani wrote, God was definitely with us.

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Lavinia Mounga has named her child Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lwaki Mounga. The mother and child had to go to a hospital in Honolulu after the plane landed. However, now both are in good health. Lavinia’s husband Ethan Magle also wrote on Facebook that he got surprised to hear this. They say their child is a miracle. The story is viral on social media.