US Joins Covax Initiative : Will Share Vaccine Globally

The White House on Thursday unveiled US President Joe Biden’s plan to share the COVID-19 vaccine with the world. The Biden administration has joined the Covax initiative. They will now supply 75 percent of the additional doses of vaccine. The initiative is in collaboration with the United Nations.

The White House has previously said it intends to share 80 million doses of the vaccine with the world by the end of June. Of these, about one crore 90 lakh will be vaccines for Covax. It also includes about 6 million doses for Latin America and the Caribbean countries. About 7 million vaccines are for South and Southeast Asia, and about 5 million for Africa.

India Will Get Only Six Million Doses

Biden said more than six million doses would be shared directly with countries that are in crisis. He said the government will provide these doses to other partners and neighboring countries including Canada, Mexico, India and the Republic of Korea.

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The Biden administration has said that they will reserve an additional 25 percent of the doses for emergency and direct shipping to allied countries. The government has launched this much-awaited plan amid declining demand for the vaccine in the US. More than 63 per cent of adults in the US have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Meanwhile the world is struggling with a lack of vaccines.