US Election; Indian-Americans’ Base for Trump Slumped, 72 Percent with Biden


The US is preparing for its Presidential Election on November 3rd. The vote of Indian-Americans is also crucial in this election. At the same time, the latest poll on Wednesday revealed towards which party were Indian-Americans inclined and who are they going to vote. It stated that a large proportion of Indian-Americans would remain attached to the Democratic Party in the presidential election and there is little indication of their transfer to the Republican Party.

According to the survey, 72 per cent of the total registered Indian-American voters plan to vote in favour of Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden, while 22 per cent want to vote in favour of current President and Republican Party candidate Donald Trump.

Three per cent of the Indian community does not want to vote. It is clear from this that the Indian-American community, a known supporter of the Democratic Party, is voting for the party this time also. Three per cent of Indians are Americans who will support a third-party candidate, while three per cent do not want to vote.

The survey said, contrary to the new perception, Indian-Americans are still faithful to the Democratic Party. This time around three-fourths of registered Indian-American voters has made up their mind to support Joe Biden. In contrast, only 22 per cent are with Donald Trump.
Kamala Harris’s significant role in Indian community The report states that kitchen table issues dominate foreign policy concerns.

Democratic Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris has added Indian-Americans, especially Democrats to perceptions of the US-India bilateral relationship. Harris has inspired Indian-Americans to vote for the Democratic Party. In August, she made a lot of headlines by referring to her mother, Shyamala Gopalan. She also mentioned the Indian food idli and masala dosa.

Majority of the Indian community is supportive of the Democratic Party The survey is based on interactions with 936 Indian Americans. In the first 20 days of September, these people started interacting online. The poll also revealed that the Indian American community had been considered a base vote bank of the Democratic Party. Fifty-six per cent believed that they identified as Democratic supporters. At the same time, only 15 per cent said that they identified as Republican supporters.

Who has done the survey ‘How will Indian Americans vote?’ The report, published under the title, is based on the results of the Indian-American Behaviour Survey-2020. The survey was conducted in partnership with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, John Hopkins-SAIS and the University of Pennsylvania.


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