US Bans Entry of Passengers Coming From India Until Next Order

The United States has banned the entry of all non-Americans coming from India. They have also banned the entry of all non-Americans from India who have been in India within the last 14 days. This is because of the severe second wave of COVID pandemic. This order will come into force from May 4.

However, this order would exempt US citizens, green card holders and their non-American spouse and children. Students, academics and journalists will also be exempted in some categories. This restriction will continue until the next order of the US President.

The Biden administration took this decision due to the growing corona virus infections and mutations of the virus in India. Hours after issuing this order, the US State Department said that the exemption in travel restrictions is similar to the exemption granted to passengers arriving from Brazil, China, Iran and South Africa. The Biden administration has expressed deep concern over the growing Corona cases in India.

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Students Can Come to America in 30 days After Classes Start

In an order issued on 26 April, the Ministry of External Affairs said that students who have valid F-1 and M-1 visas, and their classes will start on or after August 1, can enter the US within the first 30 days of classes starting. Students can check the status of their visa by visiting the nearest embassy or consulate.

Republican Lawmakers Expressed Opposition To Biden’s Decision

Republican lawmakers have protested over President Joe Biden’s decision to ban travel from India. MP Tim Barchett tweeted, “India is our ally and we are prohibiting travel from there, while the border to Mexico has been left open”. This is not a logical decision.

Meanwhile, another Republican lawmaker Jody Arrington said, Biden’s decision is like you lock the front door, but leave the back door open. “I think it is like disliking other countries,” said Lauren Boebert, a female MP. When former US President Donald Trump banned travel from Europe, Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate, opposed Trump’s decision.

Indian American MP Supported Biden

However, Indian-American MP Ro Khanna justified the travel ban. He said, the lives of people are more important than the benefits, which we need to take priority.