Travel Diaries; Five Unique Museums of India

Whenever we plan to travel a city, the first thing that inspired our curiosity is the history of that place. And Museums are the best place to do that. You can find old and vintage items in museums. These objects very often surprise us.

In India, many museums are dedicated to particular subjects. The collection of these museums makes them stand out from ordinary museums. In this article, we will tell you about five such unique museums of India.

Museum of Black Magic

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The Mayong Central Museum is located in the village of Mayong in Morigaon district of Assam. This historical museum has a collection of materials associated with black magic, which is why the museum seems to be extremely cohesive. The museum has many tools used in witchcraft, tantric manuscripts, handmade dolls, skulls and black magic rituals.

Toilet museum

The ‘Sulabh International Museum of Toilet’ in Delhi is also a unique museum in itself. This museum is completely dedicated to toilets. In this unique museum, you will find antique chamber pots from 3000 BC to Victorian toilet seats. The museum also has toilet seats made of gold and other metals .

Museum of minds

The Human Brain Museum in Bangalore, is a must visit museum for those who are interested in neuro science. The museum is in the basement of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. It has over 300 brain specimens. All these brains belong to those who have been victims of a road accident.

Folklore Museum

For those interested in folklore, the Uruswati Museum located in Shikhopur, Gurgaon is nothing less than heaven. This museum is completely dedicated to folk stories. There are many pictures in the museum which describe folklore and depict love and longing.

Pottery Museum

The ‘Veechar Utensil Museum’ is located in Ahmedabad. An architect Mr. Surender C. Patel built the museum in 1981. The museum has about 1000 year’s old jugs to modern glassware. There is a collection of more than 4,000 pots. People from far and wide places visit the museum.