Top 10 Languages Spoken In The World


1)As expected, English is the most spoken language in the world, with 1.132 billion speakers worldwide. It’s also the official language of the sky, so if you’re planning to become a pilot, you’ll need to learn some English. Amazingly, English never stops growing, and every two hours a new word is created, which is 4000 new words a year.

2)Mandarin is the second most spoken language of the world with 1,117 billion speakers. Mandarin is a tonal language , which means that the meaning of the word changes in the way we pronounce it. It has a set of 50,000 unique characters and is one of the world’s most complex languages. Although research has shown that you only need to know 2,500 characters to read 98 percent of Chinese characters. This convoluted language has shown to decrease Mandarin speakers of getting Alzheimer Disease significantly.

3) 615 million people speak Hindi as a national language in the world’s second-highest population, even though Hindi might seem very different from English. Many English speakers know some Hindi like ‘karma,’ ‘jungle,’ ‘yoga,’ and many other Hindi words.

4)534 million people speak Spanish in 22 countries that call it the official language. The scientist also believes that 10 per cent of the world ‘s population will be able to communicate in Spanish in the next three generations. Many studies have concluded that Spanish is the easiest language to learn for English speakers. They are only taking 22-24 weeks to be able to communicate and respond to native Spanish speakers.

5)French has 280 million speakers, and 45 per cent of English is of French origin. Language has spread far and wide across the globe, from parts of Canada to African countries and other parts of the world.

6) Over 274 million people speak Arabic and are amazingly written from right to left. It has profoundly influenced Spanish, Portuguese and the English language too. Arabic has 11 different words for love depending on the stage you are on.

7) Bengali also is known to the west as Bangla. It is mostly spoken in India and Bangladesh, and every constant also has a vowel sound when spoken. Then more confusingly to western society, different marks can change the meaning and sounds of the word.

8)Russian has 258 million speakers and is one of the most widely spoken languages with 155 million native speakers worldwide. Many astronauts are required to learn a bit of Russians due to their presence in the space agency. Although learning Russian is a bit tricky as they’re only 200 thousand words which means that many Russian words have multiple meanings.

9)There are 234 million Portuguese speakers. The letters “k,” “w” and “y” were not part of the Portuguese alphabet until recently, a new agreement was reached in 2009 aimed at standardising spelling types through different variations. Portuguese originated in the north of Portugal, but only 5% of the 234 million were from Portugal.

10)199 million people are speaking Indonesian.  Indonesian is a more standardised version of Malay, an Austronesian language that’s the official language of Malaysia. And despite Western preconceptions, with a simple structure and easy pronunciation in its favour, Indonesian is surprisingly easy to learn.


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