This Indian Girl can write different Languages with both Hands at the Same Time


Do you remember Veeru Sahastrabuddhe from Aamir Khan’s movie three idiots? Can you recall how he could write with both simultaneously? Now can you imagine that someone can do this in real life is well?

The story is about 16-year-old Girl from Mangalore. Aadi Swaroopa can write with both her hands simultaneously. The most exciting part is that she can write different languages with both hands at the same time.

According to ANI, Aadi Swaroopa can write in English and Kannada at the same time. As per her mother practice has made her daughter proficient and now she can write 45 words per minute.

Aadi swaroopa also likes to do mimicry and singing. People are celebrating her exquisite talent on social media. ANI’s tweet is going viral. People are amazed and proud of the young Aadi Swaroopa.


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