Third Wave of COVID Haunting Britain

Britain is under the fear of third wave of COVID. After unlock, the infection rate is spreading rapidly in the country. It has been just 23 days since the country announced unlock. And Britain has recorded 7,540 new cases of COVID in a single day.

The government and the people are worried with the spike in the number of cases. Meanwhile, in last week Britain reported more than 5000 cases. Earlier, the number of COVID cases had reduced. However, after 103 days the country reported record number of cases.

Earlier, Britain had reported 26, 7401 cases in February. The rising figures have also increased the fear of lockdown. If the pace of Corona infections continues to increase like this till June 21, then the government will consider implementing the lockdown again.

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5500 Cases Since A Week

According to media reports, there has also been an increase in weekly cases in Britain. In a week, the country reported more than 5500 new cases. This is the first time 165 days after Christmas last year, when the weekly cases of corona in the country have increased by 90%.

According to British scientist Professor Neil Ferguson, cases are increasing rapidly in Britain due to the delta variant. He said that new cases could increase further for the next two to three weeks. However, some experts believe that even though cases are increasing in Britain, there is not much danger. On Wednesday, only 6 patients died in the entire country. Meanwhile, 2234 people got cured. So far, Britain has reported 45.3 lakh patients of corona. At the same time, 1.28 lakh people have lost their lives.

Cases Also Increased In Indonesia and Russia

On Wednesday, Indonesia reported the highest number of 7725 cases after 100 days. Also, 175 people lost their lives. Meanwhile, Russia reported 10,407 cases in the last 24 hours. This number is also the highest since March.