These Children Cross International Borders to get to School Everyday


You must have heard stories about people travelling long distances to reach their schools. But have you ever come across a story where children cross international borders to go to school?
There is a school in the United States of America, where children come from across the border to attend classes. In this school, it is impossible to study without a passport.

The name of the school is Columbus elementary School. Approximately 600 students study in this school, and out of these around 420 cross international border to reach their classrooms.
According to a BBC report, Puerto Palomas in Mexico has a large number of children who were born in America. But since Puerto Palomas is technically in Mexico, they need to show their passport to enter the US.

Children need to show their passport to the guards present at the international border. After that, the Columbus elementary school bus waits for them near the international border. Almost all the children carry their passports with them all the time.

The main reason behind children crossing the international border to attend school is that most of the schools in Mexico teach in Spanish while the schools in the United States teach in English. Most people in Mexico believe that if their children study English, their future will be brighter. So they send their children to America to get a better education and learn the English language.


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