The World Mourns Death of Prince Philip at 99

The world is mourning for Prince Philip right now. He is the late husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Remembering him, the royal guards gave a 41-gun salute on Saturday.  The public mourning even saw bells played, 99 times for a minute on Westminster Abbey. Prince Philip died at the age of 99. His cremation will take place on 17 April at Windsor Castle, London.

Salutes given at many places

Honouring Prince Philip, the British Army fired cannons at many places. Even,  The Royal Navy’s warships also paid tributes to the Duke of Edinburgh. The warships paid tribute by giving a 41-gun salute at 12 noon on Saturday. Television channels and the Internet broadcasted the tribute show for the people. The Royal Navy’s tribute took place in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast.

Further, The national flag of England will remain tilted honoring the late Prince. All the government buildings of Britain will follow this protocol. The time frame for following this protocol is till eight a.m on the morning of the funeral on 17 April.

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74 years remain the shadow of the Queen

In terms of popularity, Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is more popular. Prince Philip was more popular as the husband of the Queen. He remained in the shadow of the Queen for nearly 74 years.

Could not get the status of king

Moreover, it is the queen that inherits the royal family of Britain. Prince Philip never got the status of a king. Though his eldest son Prince Charles inherited the throne, he is still a prince.  He also never received the title of king. However, The title of the King is only given to those men who are directly related to the royal family. Prince Philip was of Greek descent. They came to Britain from there.

Queen and Prince have four children

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have four children. The eldest is Prince Charles of 72 years, Prince Andrew of 71, Princess Anne of 70, and Prince Edward of 57. The late Prince was fortunate to be fed by his eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren in his lap and left the entire royal family and left the world.