The Story of the Mysterious River of Tanzania- its water turns everything into stone


Ever heard of the dangerous lake in northern Tanzania? The name of this lake is Natron Lake. Popular belief suggests that the water of this lake can turn anything to stone. There are many stone sculptures of animals and birds around this lake.

Also, no inhabitant lives around the Natron Lake. Sometimes it looks like the lake has magical powers. It is because statues of stone animals and birds are lying around this lake. Actually, there are scientific reasons behind all this. Lake Natron is an alkaline lake. It contains a very high amount of sodium carbonate in the water. The levels of alkaline and ammonia in the water are the same. This is exactly what people did to secure a mummy in Egypt. This is the reason why the bird bodies remain safe here for years.

However, Natron Lake is not the only chemically active lake in the world that has dangerous elements. Kivu Lake in the African country of Congo is one such lake. It is one of the most dangerous lakes in the world, also known as ‘Explosive Lake’. Actually, the lake water contains carbon dioxide and methane gas. People say that a big explosion will occur if there even is a slight earthquake near this lake.

Lake Michigan, one of America’s largest and beautiful lakes, is also dangerous. Much of the flora and fauna were destroyed because of a cloud of deadly gas near this lake. Scientists believed that there is a volcano under the lake. It is for this reason the cloud of carbon dioxide gas came out of the water as the gas level rose.

Dominica, a country located in the Caribbean region of the North American continent, is a boiling lake. To visit this lake is like feasting on death. Actually, its water temperature reaches 92 degrees Celsius and this is due to a volcano near this lake, which always keeps the water warm.


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