The retreat of the Chinese army, The success of the Indian strategy

Chinese troops have retreated in the Galwan Valley following a video conferencing meeting between India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and China’s Foreign Minister. Earlier, Indian and Chinese military officials also held talks on the issue.

It was also agreed during the talks that the two countries would work together to reduce tensions. The withdrawal of the Chinese army undoubtedly confirms India’s pressure on China. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Leh and his address to the troops after the martyrdom of 20 Indian Army personnel in a clash with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley was a step that was threatened in the Chinese administrative corridors.

As a result, China has been forced to reverse its expansionist thinking. Despite former Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s claim that the Chinese army had entered Indian territory, the Prime Minister denied it, saying it was wrong to say so. Other BJP leaders have also been denying Rahul Gandhi’s claim but now that the Chinese military has started retreating, it is up to the readers to decide who is telling the truth and who is lying.

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There is no doubt that Modi went to the front line and encouraged the army officers and men. It fits perfectly with the time but it is not logical to create confusion about the actual position of the Chinese army in Galwan. It would be wrong to draw a line at the position India and China are at today, because no one knows when China will change its stand.

There have also been reports that severe flooding in the Galvan Valley has made it difficult for the Chinese military to stay. The floodwaters came from the Aksai Chinna hills. However, due to the onset of monsoon, it is common for the area to be flooded. It is possible to stay in the Galwan Valley until the summer season. Then it gets so cold during the winter that it’s hard to imagine living here. That is why China took advantage of the hot weather to tamper with the Line of Control (LOC) and set foot in Indian territory as claimed by the Congress.

The outcome of the bilateral meetings is in the interest of both India and China in every respect. It will intrusting to see how long will the withdrawal of the Chinese army and the change in thinking of the Chinese rulers will stay. Still, the decision by the two major powers to stay out of the fray is good news for the people of the region. If we talk about China’s position on the world stage, it is getting entangled in corona and expansionist thinking.

Chinese President Jinping, who is on the margins of the international arena, is also lagging behind on his home front. His wife and daughter are living apart from him. Both have bid farewell to Jinping, calling him the birthplace of Corona. When the ruler of the country creates an atmosphere of hatred around him due to his wrong decisions, then he can be ready to do anything. Still, Positive change in China’s thinking will continue, that we will hope for.