The Most Expensive Tea from India; Manohari Gold Tea

In nearly every household in India, people like to start their mornings with a cup of tea. Each sip of tea gives a refreshing feeling. However, any discussion about tea is incomplete without mentioning the tea garden of India – Assam.

Generally, in the Bagaans of Assam, the cultivation of different types of tea takes place. But recently, a rare variety of tea from Assam has made an impressive record. The tea was auctioned at Rs 75,000 ($1400) per kg.

Manohari Gold tea is a rare type of tea. Manohari Gold Tea made the record of highest priced tea in Assam this year.This year, Assam cultivated only 2.5 kg of this particular tea. The auction happened for only 1.2 kgs out of the total production.

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According to the director of Manohari Tea State, Rajan Lohia, it is a particular type of tea. The plucking time is between 4 to 6 am before the Sun Rays fall on the ground. The colour of this tea leaf is light beige yellow. This tea leaf is also famous for its unique fragrance.

In Assam, the cultivation of these tea leaves takes place on 30 acres of land. The buds are broken along with the leaves from this tea plant and then passed through a process of fermentation. The colour of this tea leaf changes from green to brown during fermentation. After drying, the tea leaf becomes golden in colour.

According to a report by Deccan Herald, the direct impact of lockdown, monsoon, and flooding hit the tea gardens of Assam as well. The tea leaves industry is facing a loss of approximately 1 thousand crores this year. But the recent auctions of the delightful Gold Tea have brought some relief.