The Meetings between Farmers and Government have Become a Compulsion


The ninth round of meeting between the government and the farmers also yielded no result. So, the next round of meetings will take place on 19 January. This time too in the meeting, Agriculture Minister Narinder Singh Tomar said the same thing. The government can amend the agricultural laws, not withdraw them. While on the other hand, the farmers are also firm on their demand. They want the Centre to repeal the laws. Needless to say, the outcome of the meeting on the 19 January is quite clear.

In fact, the government wants to extend the series of meetings. The Centre wants to give people the impression that it wants to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, the farmers are not interested in any more meetings. The farmers are attending meetings due to compulsion. They don’t want to give the impression that they don’t want to negotiate. Such a situation is leading for the meetings to be a compulsion for both. Also, by continuing the series of meetings, the government is trying to divide the farmers.

Moreover, the farmers have shown the government that they are not going to give up. As time passes, farmers are getting the support of various sections of society. Farmers gathering in very large numbers have taken the form of a flood on the border of Delhi. BJP has cancelled their celebrations in Haryana, seeing opposition from farmers. Bjp is facing such heat in Punjab too. Former ministers Surjit Kumar Jayani and Harjeet Grewal had socially boycotted BJP. So the activities of other BJP leaders have also become limited. Because of the support for the farmers’ movement from the people, the government’s strategy has failed.

Bhupinder Singh Mann has left the four-member committee constituted by the Supreme Court to review agricultural laws. After which the Opposition attacks on the government has intensified. Four-five corporate houses of the country run the Modi government, says Rahul Gandhi. Moreover, saying the government is being run by someone else is a direct attack on it. Surprisingly, the government has no answer. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should personally address the farmer’s issue, even though he has other engagements. Instead, his ministers are doing lip service and repeatedly meeting with farmers. Instead, Modi should talk to the farmers themselves.

If he can talk to Surjit Kumar Jayani and Harjeet Grewal, so why not with the farmers? It is ironic to see the PM not even bothered to meet the farmers. There is no regret even despite the martyrdom of more than 60 farmers. One who rules the country gets all the news. Does he not know what is happening on the border of Delhi? Even after knowing everything, if he doesn’t want to meet them, then it shows he has no sympathy with the farmers.

Recently, print media has also published a survey. Modi’s popularity has declined due to the farmer movement in Punjab and Haryana. The Modi Popularity is also declining in other states because of farmers raising their voices. Despite such reports, the government is not ready to find a solution for the farmers. So, Rahul Gandhi is right to say that someone else is running the government. Moreover, it will be interesting to see the government’s stance after the Farmer’s tractor parade on 26 January. The Government has approached the Supreme Court to stop the parade.

The government is so keen on stopping the farmer’s peaceful tractor parade. Additionally, it means that the government has no argument for the farmers to stop the parade. Also, the Government’s popularity among people is decreasing. Suppose the movement goes on for a long time, how will the government deal with it? The peasant movement is receiving solidarity from abroad. It is no longer an internal matter of India. Before the fight becomes a historic moment between the farmers and the government, the Centre should let go of its ego and accept the demands of the farmers.


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