The kindness of Beggar, Feeding Stray Dogs in his bowl

New Delhi: The rich are from the heart, not the money. This saying has been shown to be true by the Beggar. He may not have money but is full of emotions in his heart when he served the street dogs in his dinner bowl. While feeding dogs, a person made a video of them and shared it.
When the forest officer Sushant Nanda saw this video, it touched his heart. He shared this video with a caption, ‘Poor with money but rich at heart.’ on his Twitter account. Thousands of people have already seen it. His video is becoming viral in social media. People are pleased to see his liveliness.

It can be seen in the video how a beggar brings some food in the bowl and feeds two dogs lying there. At first, both dogs lie down on seeing him, and later they start eating his food.
People have also liked and shared it fiercely. The users touch by the action of the Beggar. We should learn from him and help each other in this challenging time, especially during this Pandemic.

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