The Five Hungriest Countries in the World

The Global Hunger Index for the year 2020 has been released. According to the index, India ranks at number 94 among the most starved countries. However, there have been some improvements as compared to last year. Despite this, India still lags behind economically weak neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan. According to the report, 14 per cent of India’s population is malnourished. In this article, we will tell you about the five countries of the world which have performed worst in the Hunger Index.


Haiti is one of the few nations having alarming starvation. Frequent natural disasters are a leading reason for problems here. This is why more than 55 per cent of Haiti’s population is living below the poverty line. Also, three-fourths of the population has less than $3 for daily living.

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Libya and Sudan surrounds the small country Chad. Majority of the population of this country does not have enough food to eat. Malnutrition in this country is also very high. The death rate in children between 1 to 5 years is very high; 1 out of every ten children born here does not survive their fifth birthday. Chad has been on the list of the most affected countries in the Hunger Index for three consecutive years.


The large population of Timor Leste, a country in South-East Asia, is badly affected by food shortages. People are struggling with drought, and there is no farming. People do not have awareness about food quality and health. More than 15 per cent of children die before attaining the age of five years due to diseases caused by dirty water and lack of food.


Starvation is alarmingly high in Madagascar according to the Global Hunger Index. Due to malnutrition, about 41.6 per cent of the children in this country do not have complete physical and mental development. Disasters such as Cyclone are much frequent in Madagascar. So, agriculture has not been given enough boost here.


One of the worst starved country in South Africa is Mozambique. In 2015, the condition of the country improved a bit, but since then it has been steadily coming down. At present, 32.6 per cent of the population of this country is hungry.