The Final Journey of INS Viraat: Iconic Warship to be Dismantled

After serving in the Indian Navy for nearly 30 years, the warship INS Viraat has embarked on its last voyage. INS Viraat made his final journey on Saturday. Indian Navy decommissioned (retired) the warship in the year 2017.

It left for the ship-breaking yard at Alang in Gujarat on Saturday. This Indian Navy warship will reach Bhavnagar late on Sunday night. During its service, INS Viraat covered a distance of over 1 million nautical kilometres (7, 00,000 mi), which is equivalent to 27 revolutions of the Earth.

The Shriram Group of Alang bought INS Viraat, after its retirement for Rs 38.54 crore in an auction. The ship was anchored at Naval Dockyard in Mumbai. It has now left for Alang on its last voyage. Mukesh Patel, chairman of the Shriram Group, that bought INS Viraat, said that the ship is made with high-quality steel. It is also bulletproof material and does not contain iron at all. It will take a year to break it entirely into small pieces.

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Shriram Group has the most massive scrapyard in Asia, located in Alang, Gujarat. Mukesh Patel said that two motorcycle manufacturers had approached them, but nothing has been decided yet.

INS Viraat is a British warship which The Royal Navy inducted it in the year 1959, and finally, bought it in the year 1986. It is the only warship carrier that has served in the Navy of both UK and India.

Viraat has served the country many times. It played an essential role in the Falkland War for Britain’s Royal Navy. In July 1989, INR Viraat participated in Operation Jupiter to establish peace in Sri Lanka. It was also instrumental in Operation Parakram after the 2001 Parliament attack.

The length of the INS Viraat is 226 meters, and its width is 49 meters. The ship is like a small town in itself. It had facilities such as a library, gym, ATM, TV and video studio, hospital, dental treatment centre and freshwater distillation plant. The ship weighed 28,700 tons. 150 officers and 1500 sailors could be deployed on this