The derailing of the Farmer’s peaceful movement

BJP leaders in Punjab are being attacked as they are opposing the farmer’s movement. This attack is a siege on the ongoing movement. This attack will generate negative publicity for the farmers’  movement.

We all know that India is a democratic country. In India, people have the right to disagree and the freedom to speak. The people can have opposite views and opinions. Arun Narang, a BJP MLA from Abohar was made to run naked in Malot. Also, the public tore his clothes. Such actions bring shame to the ongoing farmer’s movement.

Further, police arrested Praveen Bansal, BJP Vice President in a guest house. Similarly, BJP Secretary Sunita Garg faced opposition from farmers during a press conference in Ferozepur. In Gurdaspur, BJP Vice President Narendra Singh Parmar was besieged. Even before this, many leaders have faced opposition from farmers. Such incidents show that the farmers are angry at the central government.

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However, this way of expressing displeasure is not the correct way. Sunil Jakhar, the Punjab Congress President made a few statements about these attacks.  According to him, such attacks would weaken the farmers’ movement.

The Punjab CM, Captain Amarinder Singh has promised swift action against the culprits. Also, he has requested PM Narendra Modi to intervene. He requested the PM to resolve the matter soon.

Captain Amarinder Singh has also condemned the attack. Other leaders have also rejected such attacks. After all, such attacks would only create sympathy for the BJP leaders. They would become the victim in the public’s eyes. The public would start to sympathize with the BJP leaders.

Meanwhile, the Farmers have been protesting on the Delhi border for the last four months. Even after a dozen meetings, there is a deadlock between the government and the farmers. There has been no solution to the farmers’ matter. Currently, the Central Government is silent again on the matter.

A few weeks ago, Narendra Modi said that he was a phone call away from the farmers. Moreover, there has been no new invitation from the government to negotiate. The government want to amend the farm laws. While the farmers want a complete repeal of the laws. If this is the Government’s stand, then PM’s phone call is meaningless.

In this regard, it would not be wrong to say that the government is adamant. In such a situation, the farmers have also decided to fight a long battle. Apparently, these attacks are natural as the farmers are quite angry. The Farmer’s movement has been peaceful till now and will continue to be so.

BJP leaders opposing the farmers in Punjab is wrong. When both sides are unwilling to diffuse the situation then there is no scope of agreement.  This is a stalemate situation and no side should engage in a violent form of protest. The BJP leaders in Punjab have said that they can’t compel the government to resolve the farmers’ issue. In such a situation, they should not make any statement that should provoke the farmers.

If the farmers are against the Central Government, they should find another way to oppose them. It is not the property of a particular class. There have been agitations before and will continue to happen. The People of Punjab have always shown that they have a big heart. They should treat the BJP leaders as their own. There should be no more physical attacks on the BJP leaders.