The Appeal of a Paralysed Girl Who Tried to rob a Taxi Driver Dismissed


Sydney – On her 15th birthday, a girl became paralyzed. When she tried to rob a taxi driver and fell out of the moving car, the court has rejected her appeal for damages. On 28 November 2015, SW’s 15th birthday, she and three of her friends hired a taxi in Amberwell, southwest of Sydney and asked driver Abduzza Khaja to take them to Campbeltown.

At the destination, Khaja said that when he asked for a $14 fare, SW took out the knife and started asking for money. During a struggle in a moving car, she fell out from the passenger door and fell under the rear tyre of the car and breaks her backbone.

Khaja immediately stopped the car and started running into the street and asked people to call the police. The other three girls also got out of the taxi, one of them threw the knife into the bush, which they used in the robbery. They tried to take SW with them but did not succeed. Three fled from the scene, and one of there’s mobile also left behind. SW filed a lawsuit for compensation from the driver and denied that she had taken out the knife, saying that he threw her out of the moving car for no reason.

In May 2019, District Court Judge Judith Gibson found that SW not entitled to have compensation because she was committing a serious crime, resulting in her injury. The Supreme Court also dismissed her appeal. SW was charged with armed robbery but was acquitted by a Children’s Court in August 2016.


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