Temple of Artemis


The Temple of Artemis was so big that it took 120 years to make the temple. It’s hard to believe but it was one of the largest temples built in ancient times. The temple was built in 550BC. Its foundation measured 377 by 40 feet.

It stood in the Greek city of Aphasias, on the west coast which we all know is Turkey. The whole temple was entirely marble except the tile covered wooden roof. It was built as a dedication to the Greek Goddess Artemis.

The architects who made the temple were known as Chersiphron and his son Metagenes. This temple, however, didn’t last long. In 550BC, King Cruesus of Lydia conquered Ephesus and other Greek cities of Asia Minor. During the fight, the temple was destroyed.

Another temple was built in place of the first one. The temple also had many works of art. Four bronze statue of Amazon women are held in the Temple of Artemis. The length of this temple was 425 feet and the with was 225 feet. It has a total of 127 columns, 60 feet in height that supported the roof.

Today the site of this temple is a marshy field. A single column has been erected to remind visitors that there once stood a Wonder of the Ancient World.


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