Subramanian Swamy Raises Doubts About Modi’s Potential Within BJP

Subramanian Swamy often stirs a new political debate by making statements from time to time. He is also a Rajya Sabha member and a veteran BJP leader. In most cases, he critics how the Center functions! That is, he tries to address the party issues. Further, he also exposes the Center’s weaknesses and warns about them.

This time though, Subramaniam Swamy has raised the issue of the growing COVID-19 related deaths in the country.

On this matter, he has requested that Union Minister Nitin Gadkari should handle the COVID-19 crisis. In a way, his statement means that the PMO office has failed miserably to contain the COVID-19 crisis. Further, it suggests that PM Narendra Modi’s strategy against the ongoing pandemic has failed.

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Moreover, if the Central Government doesn’t contain the COVID-19 situation now, the third wave will be fatal for children.

Moreover, Subramaniam Swamy’s advice regarding the government’s handling of the Second wave COVID-19 crisis questions the ability of PM Narendra Modi. It is because the PMO takes all decisions of the center.

Whereas meeting with the ministers is just for a show. In other words, PM Modi takes all the decisions.

During this time, people have even questioned the merits of Health Minister Dr.Harsh Vardhan. Further, the way he has handled the Health Ministry under the Second wave also raises serious questions.

Meanwhile, Subramaniam Swamy has said that he is a competent minister. According to Swamy, someone is not allowing Dr.Harsh Vardhan to work freely.

This means that while PMO takes all the decisions, the Health Minister is only for accountability.

Subramaniam Swamy suggesting Nitin Gadkari handle the COVId-19 situation also raises opposing voices within the RSS. We all know that Nitin Gadkari is closer to the RSS than the BJP. Nitin Gadkari’s name coming up also means that the RSS isn’t happy with BJP’s defeat in West Bengal.

The RSS considers this defeat of BJP in Bengal, not of BJP, but of Modi. Till yesterday, Modi was the biggest leader of the RSS.

Today, if Subramanian Swamy is questioning Modi’s inability to handle the COVID-19 crisis, then certainly RSS is behind those remarks. Politics is an area in which the adage of saluting the rising sun fits perfectly. If the coin of Modi’s popularity did not run in Bengal, it means that the mindset of those who saluted Modi is changing. Subramaniam has created a stir in the government corridors by reviving the name of Nitin Gadkari.

When there is too much power in one person’s hand, then such a government is bound to fail. Cabinet ministers remain only nominal ministers.

In such a centralized one-leader system, development can’t happen. There has to be the decentralization of power. Then only, well-rounded development of the country can happen. People need to get rid of the pandemic as soon as possible!

For that, PM Modi has to let go of his control on his does cabinet ministers. The more we delay in unitedly fighting the pandemic, the more we will suffer. In this hour of crisis, PM Modi should not only carry his fellow cabinet ministers but also the opposition. Time will tell how the situation will change in the coming days. However, questions have started coming from within the party on Narendra Modi’s talisman and leadership.