Study Reveals – Your Corona Test Report Might be Wrong


According to scientists, the most important way of testing coronavirus in the human body is too sensitive. Sometimes it detects a dead virus or fragments of earlier infection, and the person tests positive.

A person remains infected with coronavirus for about a week. But even after a week, the Corona test might be positive. Because of this, the actual figures of Corona cases may be different from the estimates. Hence, many experts suggest that a more reliable way to test covid-19 must be used.

Oxford University’s Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine reviewed evidence from 25 studies done in this regard. They put the samples of the positively tested virus into a Petri dish to see if the virus was growing. This method is Scientific Viral Culture. This can tell whether the test has found an active virus or a dead virus or fragments that cannot produce any further.

Scientists have been aware of this difficulty associated with virus testing since the beginning of the pandemic. This reinstates the fact that covid-19 data is not correct. Fewer statistics were available during the initial days, but with time more figures have been found.

But it is a fact that the number of Corona infection cases are comparatively relatively less in Britain as compared to many other European countries.

PCR swab test is an effective method of coronavirus testing. This test identifies the genetic material of the virus using chemicals. The test specimen has to go through several cycles in the laboratory before a sufficient amount of viruses can be found. The number of times the virus has been recovered tells how much virus is there in the body. It also indicates how contagious the virus is.

But usually, the Corona test reports provide a simple yes or no answer. The test knows the amount of virus in the sample and whether the case is of active infection or not. A person who has a large amount of active virus in the body and the person who has only pieces of a dead virus – both will test positive.


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