Strangers Fall in Love and get Married during Lockdown in India


Love cannot be bound with time or anything else. It is an emotion that can awaken for anyone, at any time. This is what happened to a man and a woman trapped in lockdown. A man from Spain and an American woman came to travel to India. However, they got stuck in India because of the lockdown. Later, they ended up marrying each other with Hindu Customs.

This love story resembles a movie plot. The couple came to visit India from different countries; they met each other in Delhi. Further, they became friends and started travelling together. It was not easy to live with limited money for so many days. Meanwhile, their relationship evolved. They thought of marrying each other. The wedding took place in a local temple with the help of villagers in Banswara, 26 km from Rudraprayag.

The young man’s name is Sejal. He hails from Spain. Professionally, he is a businessman. The girl’s name is Merrick. She is from the US. She had just completed her graduation. They reached a hotel in Banswara via Rudraprayag. Here they narrated their story to a local social worker who arranged their marriage. The couple is happy after their marriage and this journey will always be memorable for them.


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