Sonia Gandhi will not step down as UPA Chairperson


Congress President Sonia Gandhi has indicated that she will not step down as the UPA President. There was uneasiness in the Congress after the demand for NCP chief Sharad Pawar to be UPA president. However, it seems Sonia is once again ready to play her role actively.

Sonia recently called Sharad Pawar and invited him to a meeting of opposition parties on the issue of farmers. The meeting of opposition parties is to be on 26 or 27 January just before the Parliament session. According to a senior Congress leader, the meeting will be headed by the president.

Actually Congress intends to position itself as the main opposition. While by giving up the leadership there is a possibility to add Non-BJP opposition parties, but it also leads to the fear of opening the way to the Third Front. Recently, there were questions about the opposition parties being put on a platform under the leadership of Rahul. This was after the demand to make Rahul the party president.

As of now, the Congress President has also been the chairman of the UPA. But, Shiv Sena put up Pawar’s name and has proposed to hand the UPA chairmanship to him. The Congress did not say anything directly on the issue. However, now in the name of uniting the opposition, Sonia has again become active. She is sending a message to the parties involved in the UPA that she will continue to hold the responsibility of this post.


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