Some Interesting Facts about the Smallest Island Nation in the World


An island is a piece of land situated in the middle of the sea. Many small and big islands joined together to make an island country. There are many Island nations in the world. However, Indonesia is the largest island nation in the world.

But, this story is about the smallest island country in the world. There are many exciting things about this country, about which very few people know.The name of the world’s smallest island nation is Nauru. It is located in the Micronesian South Pacific Ocean. Spread over just 21 square kilometres, it is the world’s smallest independent republic. Also, this is the only republican nation in the world that has no capital.

Moreover, people know Nauru as ‘Pleasant Island’. Generally, it is because of the peaceful life of the people there. According to a census of 2018, the population of this country was close to 11 thousand. Most people do not know about this country, so very few people go there to visit. According to a report, in 2011, it had only 200 tourists.

The Micronesians and Polynesians inhabited Nauru, about 3,000 years ago. Twelve tribes traditionally ruled it. Hence, its significance can be seen on the flag of this country. Till the 60-70s, the primary income of this country was from phosphate mining. But that was lost due to over-exploitation. Now, people grow a lot of coconuts there.

There is only one airport in Nauru, named as ‘Nauru International Airport’. Although most of the people here follow Christianity, you will be surprised to know that there are many people there who do not believe in any religion.


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