Signal Payments Feature With Privacy Launched In United Kingdom

The instant messaging app signal is soon going to have a payment feature. Signal has a direct competition with WhatsApp. Recent data leaks and WhatsApp’s privacy greatly benefitted Signal.

Launching the new payment feature, Signal has said that it will be quite secure. Signal has revealed the upcoming payment feature in one of its blogs. Although the feature has gone live in the UK only.

In one of its blogs, Signal has said that they have fixed many bugs in recent times. Signal has also improved the app’s performance. Those in the UK, can use the signal payment feature. One can send and receive money through Signal Payments. But this feature is currently in beta testing. Signal will be releasing it globally soon.

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How does the signal payment work?

Signal has stated that its payment feature is fast, private and supports all mobile devices. According to the company, it is using the Privacy Focus Payment Network for payment. Its name is MobileCoin. Users will have to link the MobileCoin Wallet to Signal for payment and after that payment will be made.

Regarding the payment feature, Signal says that the privacy of users is its first priority. 

Will not store or view information

After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, Signal has gained a lot at the global level including India. Many big celebrities have declared Signal app to be safe in terms of privacy and security. The best thing with the signal is that it does not have data backup due to which the possibility of data leakage is reduced.