Sharad Navratri 2020; Try this New Recipe


The Sharad Navratri is starting from October 17. Forty-nine days devotees across the world will be offering prayers to goddess Durga. Many devotees also observe a nine-day fast.
For successfully observing a nine-day fast, it is necessary to maintain balance in your diet to avoid weakness and fatigue.

For the upcoming Navratri, we are sharing the recipe for seb ki kheer (Apple pudding). This is not only healthy but can also be offered as bhog to the goddess.
Ingredients required – Three to four good ripe apples, one-litre full cream milk, 100-gram sugar, one small spoonful of ground cardamom, cashews, raisins and almonds. You can use other dry fruits like walnuts as well.

How to make Seb ki kheer ?

To make Seb ki kheer, first of all, wash and grate apples. Take a deep vessel and put milk in it. Put the vessel on heat and allow the milk to boil until it thickens and reduces to half.
When the milk becomes thick, add grated apple to it. Continuously stir and cook the mixture for a while. When the khir starts thickening, add sugar to it. Also, add finely chopped dry fruits.
When the sugar melts and the kheer is cooked well, turn off the heat and add ground cardamom.

The kheer is very easy to make, and you can offer it as Prasad. At the same time, it is delicious.If you try the recipe, please share your feedback with us.


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