Severe Sandstorm Creates Havoc in Beijing Second Time in a Week

A sandstorm caused havoc for the second time in a week in China’s capital Beijing. On Sunday morning the entire sky turned pale. A sheet of dust covered the whole city. When people came out on the streets, they noticed far less visibility. The Sandstorm had people imprisoned in their homes.

According to media reports, a tornado arises every month in China. However, such derisive photographs left people shaken from inside. Everything was covered with dust. Strong winds were blowing in Mongolia and other parts of northwest China. China’s Meteorological Department has described it as the largest sandstorm in a decade.

Air quality index exceeded maximum level

China’s Meteorological Department official said that Beijing’s official Air Quality Index reached the maximum level of 500 on Sunday morning. This is the most dangerous. The atmospheric PM was 10, while in some districts it reached 2,000 micrograms per cubic meter.

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The China Meteorological Administration announced a yellow alert on Friday. The Meteorological Department had reported that Sandstorm could engulf Shanxi, Leonning and Hebe provinces from Inner Mongolia.

Storm came due to deforestation

A similar storm created an earthquake in Beijing two weeks ago. The Chinese news agency reported that 341 people have been reported missing so far from Inner Mongolia and other areas of northwestern China due to this storm. According to the Meteorological Agency, tornado arises due to deforestation and soil erosion throughout northern China.