Seven Unique and Interesting things about Planet Mars


The world of planets is also extraordinary, which is very difficult to understand. However today science has made so much progress that we have some information about all the planets in our solar system. Today we will talk about Mars, also known as the red planet because it appears red. However, Mars is also a terrestrial surface planet like Earth, ranging from volcanoes to valleys, deserts and icy polar peaks, it impossible to live on this planet. Let’s know some special and interesting things about this planet, about which you are hardly aware.

The Earth completes one orbit of the Sun in 365 days and six hours while Mars takes 687 days to orbit the Sun. This is almost double that of the Earth. Therefore, a year on Mars is 687 days.
There are cold and dusty storms on Mars. In summer, the temperature here is around 30 degree Celsius, but in winter it goes down to minus 140 degree Celsius. In such cold, a person can solidify.

On Mars, there is one thing that is very similar to Earth. Like Earth, there are four seasons in the year on Mars – Autumn, Summer, Autumn and Winter. However, every season on Mars lasts about twice as long as on Earth.

The gravitational forces on Earth and Mars are different. Due to this reason, if a person weighs 100 pounds on Earth, then on Mars, his weight will be 38 pounds.

While Earth has only one moon, Mars has two moons, named Phobos and Damios. Phobos has a diameter of 13.8 miles and Damios a diameter of 7.8 miles.

There is another thing on Mars that resembles Earth. Both made up of four layers. The first is the crust, which is made of iron-basaltic stones, and the second is a mantle that is made of silicate stones. At the same time, the third and fourth layers are the outer core and inner core, which believed to be made of iron and nickel like the core of the Earth.

Earth and Mars are closest to each other in about two years. During this time, Mars can also be seen with naked eyes from the Earth. Just three days ago, i.e. on October 6, 2020, Mars came closest to the Earth. Scientists believe that the two will come closer to each other in December 2022.


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