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Friday, August 6, 2021

Serious allegation of exploitation against Parampreet Singh Rajput, the director of KPG taxation company

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Melbourne-International student Jatinder Singh gill who lives in Melbourne has made serious allegations against Parampreet Singh Rajput, the director of KPG taxation company, of exploiting international students. Jatinder singh gill said that KPG Company which has many branches in Australia has exploited his younger sister financially. He told that his sister came to Australia as an international student. She applied for training visa through this company. He also told that his sister worked for this company for about four months but was not given her salary or any experience certificate. Gill told that KPG company exploit international students of their constraints and demands for upto fifty thousand dollars for getting them PR.He alleged that the manager of one of the branch of this company Mr. Raj demanded fifty thousand dollars from his sister for providing her the necessary and required documnets for getting PR.Gill uploaded a post regarding this financial exploitation of his sister on facebook , which went viral.Many other international students which had been exploited by this company earlier provided Gill the proofs against this company. Gill demanded for investigation against the embezzlement and frauds of the KPG company from Australian authorties.

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