Sangh Unhappy with Government’s Anti-Farmer Ordinance, Akali Dal Silent


Government’s new anti-farmer ordinance is receiving backlash not only from the opposition but also from the RSS affiliated Bharatiya Kisan Sangh. An official from the Punjab Unit of Bhartiya Kisan Sangh has demanded that the government must amend the ordinance because, in its present form, it will create problems for the farmers.

The ordinance not only abolishes the provision of Minimum Support Price (MSP) but also ends the Mandi System. This will directly affect the arhatis, who will be forced into unemployment. In other words, the corporate houses will have a free hand in purchasing crops from the farmers. By this, the government has paved an organised way for the corporate to acquire the land of farmers. It started with Karnataka where the BJP is in government. The lands of the farmers have been allowed to be bought by the big corporate houses.

Even Bhartiya Kisan Sangh, which has been speaking the official language till now is opposing the ordinance. This means that Sangh has realised that this issue has the potential to unite the farmers of the entire country on one platform; which may create a big problem for the government.Two hundred fifty farmer organisations across the country have called in for a joined protest on 9th August against this ordinance.

Since the day it was passed, the ordinance sparked a controversy. Punjab Chief Minister, Captian Amarinder Singh has strongly opposed the ordinance. He demanded the government to either withdraw it or make necessary amendments. Other political parties in Punjab are also opposing the ordinance. However, Sukhbir Badal, President of Shiromani Akali Dal has maintained total silence on this issue.

Akali Dal knows that opposing the ordinance will create a rift between them and the BJP led NDA government which they do not want under any circumstances. After Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa formed his own party, people with differing ideology have started distancing themselves from Sukhbir’s party. It undoubtedly is a difficult time for Sukhbir Singh Badal. In this situation, SAD cannot go against any decision of the centre because it would mean their permanent return from Delhi.

In this way, the central government ordinance has become a “do or die” question for the farmers’ organisations. The Sangh is also eyeing the farmers involved.A majority of India’s population is involved in agriculture-related activates in one form or another. Therefore, whenever there is an onslaught on the interests of farmers, the entire nation will hit the streets in support.

It is advisable for the government to not sacrifice the interests of farmers for the sake of a few “friendly” corporate houses. Will, the farmer who is the “Annadata” of the country be dependent on the mercy of these corporate houses? This entire scenario puts light on the government’s claims of being farmer-friendly.If a government turns a blind eye towards the plight of the farmers, who are the providers of the country, it is understandable how much importance it gives to the common people.


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