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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Saint Laurent – Luxury French Fashion Brand Announces Ban on Fur

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We often see many big celebs wearing fur outfits in fashion events. Although these outfits look very attractive, but designers use animal skin to prepare them. That is why many times environmentalists raise questions regarding fur clothes.

Recently, on the occasion of the Met Gala 2021, the iconic supermodel Imam wore a very attractive outfit.  In her outfit, she wore a feather over skirt and feather headpiece. Meanwhile the host of the Met Gala Billy refused to wear a fur outfit.

In this ongoing contradiction regarding fur clothes, now a big news has come. The French luxury brand Saint Laurent has banned the use of fur from its collection from next year. Kering, the parent company of leading fashion house Saint Laurent, has announced a fur free collection from next year. They further cemented its position in the global companies list.

Fashion house Saint Laurent’s next collection will be fur-free

People who are fond of clothes, bags or footwear made from animal skin are in shock. Big fashion house Saint Laurent has announced the exclusion of fur products from its next collection. Not only this, all the fashion houses under the parent company of the fashion house, Kering, will now be fur free.

Kering’s brand Brioni will also no longer include fur products in its collection. Animal rights groups have long been advocating for a ban on the use of fur in the global fashion industry. In which many luxury fashion houses including Versace, Chanel and Michael Kors have already stopped using fur.

Kering CEO statement

François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering, said in a statement, “With the world changing as our customers are changing, there is a need for a natural shift in luxury. The Kering Cofall 2022 Collection will be completely fur free.

Supermodel Kate Moss wore a fox fur coat

Saint Laurent’s decision came at a time when PETA, an organization working for animals, started protesting against Saint Laurent Fashion House. This PETA protest took place this year outside a store in Paris. Supermodel Kate Moss wore a coat made of fox skin to promote a campaign. In this regard, PETA told Saint Laurent that there is no glamor in wearing clothes made from fur. Although Kering Group has now made all its brands and fashion houses free of fur, but Gucci of Kering Group first banned the use of fur in the year 2017.

Fur coat price

At present, Saint Laurent’s current stores sell apparel made of animal skin. In which there is a fur coat of rabbit, which costs $ 6450 i.e. 4,77,600 rupees. At the same price there is a sleeveless faux vest, paired with mink mules. Its price is Rs 86,350.

Billions of business in the fur industry annually

According to PETA, 85 percent of the fur sold in the world is from animals. It is very pathetic for the animals. Usually these animals are killed by using poison gas, electric shock or thrashing. Importantly, the fur product industry is so large that it generates billions of dollars in international trade every year and employs about one million people worldwide.

LVMH to continue selling fur products

However, LVMH, the world’s largest luxury conglomerate and rival to Kering’s brand, has said that it will continue to include fur products in its collection to meet the demand of the customers. Along with this, LVMH also said that products made from animal skin will be manufactured in an ethical and responsible manner. They will also ban the fur of species which are extinct.

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