Republic Day Parade: World witnesses India’s Military strength


India is celebrating its 72nd Republic Day today. India demonstrated its military prowess during the Republic Day parade. For the first time Indi demonstrated the Rafale fighter jets, including T-90 tanks, homogeneous electronic warfare systems, Sukhoi-30MKI fighters. The Indian Army has shown its strength to the world at the Rajpath of Delhi, the country’s capital.

The Republic Day parade had 32 tableaux. It included 17 tableaux of 17 states and union territories, six tableaux of the Ministry of Defense, other central ministries and nine tableaux of paramilitary forces showed the country’s rich cultural heritage, economic progress and military strength. The Union Territory of Ladakh also presented its tableau for the first time.

During the parade at Rajpath, the Army also displayed the power of its main battle tank T-90 Bhishma, Infantry Combat Vehicle BMP-2 Sarath, Mobile Launch System of BrahMos Missile, Rocket System Pinaka, Electronic Combat System, Samajijay among others.

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