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Remembering the May Day Martyrs

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First May is observed all over the world as the International Workers’ Day. The growth of any country depends on the farmers and workers of that country. Workers have a special role to build a society, country, industry, institution, business, just as a strong foundation has an important role in a building and supporting a house.

On May 4, 1886, there was a gathering of laborers at the Haymarket Square in the city of Chicago. The workers had held a general strike at that time. The main reason for the strike was to get the laborers to do a lot of work. The workers wanted them not to get more than eight hours of work done throughout the day. There should not be any untoward incident on the spot, so the local police was also present there. Then suddenly some unknown person threw a bomb at the crowd. Due to this incident, the Chicago police present there took action to disperse the mob of workers and started firing on the crowd. Some protesters died in this incident. This incident related to the problem of the working class had caught the attention of the entire world.

Subsequently, at the International Socialist Conference in 1889, it was announced that May 1 would be celebrated as International Labor Day in memory of the innocent people killed in the Haymarket Markets and all fallen workers would be commemorated on this day.

Workers are the section of our society on which all economic growth rests. They are the most perfect example of human labor. They are the axis of all kinds of activities. Even in today’s mechanical era, their importance has not diminished. The contribution of laborers’ labor is important in all activities like industries, trade, agriculture, building construction, construction of bridges and roads etc.

The worker sells his labor. In return he receives the minimum wage. He lives on a daily wage basis. As long as they are able to work, they try to manage 2 squares of meal for themselves and their family. From the day they leave work after becoming incapacitated, they become dependent on others. At least this is the situation for workers in India. For unorganized sector workers it’s even worse, they not only have low wages, but also do not get any kind of social security.

The condition of organized sector workers is not very good either. They have a monthly salary, dearness allowance, pension and other facilities but their working conditions are not great. Many a times, in case of their untimely death during work, they are not provided with protection from their department/company so that their family is not in the lurch.

Regardless of the area of ​​labor, they have a leading role in economic activities. They construct roads and bridges, they contribute immensely in the field of construction. Labors are the ones who make bricks, who helps farmers in farming. They have variety of tasks in cities and villages. Sweepers, workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, handicraftsmen, tailors, cattle ranchers, etc. are usually termed as laborers. The participation of workers is inevitable in all types of industries like cotton textile industry, sugar industry, handloom industry, iron and steel industry, cement industry etc.

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