Red Alert In United States Of America As The Country Faces Shortage Of Ketchup Sachets

The corona pandemic has troubled the common man from every front. People have faced numerous problems during the first lockdown. And in the meantime Americans may face another problem. Americans may soon have a shortage of tomato ketchup.

Due to the pandemic, all restaurants are giving priority to take-away facilities. That is why manufacturers are facing difficulty in meeting the demand for single-use plastic packets of tomato ketchup. A spokesperson for Heinz, a well-known tomato ketchup company, said demand has seen a boom during the pandemic.

In view of the new situation, the company has made a lot of changes in the production process. The company said that there is more demand for ketchup than supply. Due to this increase in demand, the company has introduced many more production lines in its factory. This has led to 25% increase in manufacturing of ketchup.

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The company said that they are producing 12 billion tomato ketchup packets in a year. At the same time, since the year 2020, the price of ketchup packet has also increased by 13 percent. The owner of a restaurant says how can fries be served without ketchup. The company has also apologized to its customers for this.